Where would we all be without a bit of etiquette? All the info on this page is to ensure that we get on famously, and that I'm putty in your hand in no time.
1Why do you not offer any other services?
The services I provide are the services that I feel happy taking part in, this way you can ensure we will both enjoy the moment more. If there is something that you would like me to do that isn’t mentioned, then please feel free to ask me. I may decline if I do not feel happy doing this but I can certainly make up for it and please you in many other ways.
2Would it be possible for me to email you over the course of a few weeks before we meet so we can get to know each other?
My time, as you can imagine, is precious. I will ask you to please respect my time and the level of effort I put into our visit. Exceptionally long email correspondence/telephone services do not do it for me; it conveys the message that you do not respect my time. I firmly believe face to face is so much more fun anyway!
3Why do you not provide Bareback Services?
I am really sorry but I cannot offer any of my customers unprotected services. I think that sexual health is really important so I get myself checked out on a regular basis. I look after myself and my body and really appreciate my clients that do the same. You will probably find that many Escorts will refuse this service too.
4How important is personal hygiene to you?
As you can probably imagine personal hygiene is really important to me. I take it very seriously. You will be amazed at how much time and effort I take to make myself looking lovely and sexy for you, but it is worth it. So before I come and see you, could I ask you to do the same for me. If you could have a quick shower to freshen up, then that would be great. There’s nothing sexier than clean, soft skin to get me going. I would really respectfully ask that all my clients come to our appointments clean and fresh also.
5What do you like?
As much as I like to please you, it is nice to be pleased too. So I like to build up a rapport with each of my clients so they know exactly what I like them to do to me while I am pleasing them. I love it when I am gently caressed, slowly and seductively. I love to be kissed all over. That first moment when our lips meet for the first time can be exhilarating and explosive. One thing I really do like that turns me on is to have my neck gently nibbled by my clients. This really gets me going.
6Do you like rough encounters?
Yes, there are times when I like being treated roughly while we are having fun and I really enjoy it, but I do ask you to get my consent first and hopefully you will happily respect my wishes. If there is something you would like to do to me that we have never done before then again, please mention it beforehand. If I am not comfortable with it then I will say and we can find some other way of pleasuring you. I think it is really important that we are both happy and comfortable with what we are doing. It makes the whole experience fun, sexy and memorable.
7Do you offer discounts?
I am really sorry but I do not offer discounts to anyone. I am however happy to arrange a customised booking that will suit you. I can let you know how much you will need to pay once you tell me exactly what you would like from me.
8May I request something special for you to wear?
I am more than happy for you to make special requests as what you would like me to wear when I come to meet you. However, if I do not have a certain item that you would like me to dress up in then you are more than welcome to purchase this for me as a gift and I will happily wear it for you when we meet. Just let me know what you have in mind and I will see what I can do for you. I love to dress up in clothes that will not only make me look sexy, but will turn you on.
9May I film our encounter or take photos of you?
Filming anything that goes on between us is absolutely not allowed. Please do not ask to film anything we do as I will not change my mind. I feel really strongly about this so please respect my wishes so we can have a mind blowing time.
10Can we travel together? Can I bring you to me?
Yes of course. I love to travel. I do not mind flying out to visit my clients and certainly love going on trips with them. If you could please give me a minimum of a weeks’ notice, then that would be great. Also this does depend on if I am available when you need me. I will ask for a deposit up front which will be 50% of the fees that I charge. Additional funds will be required to secure train travel and airfare.
11Is my privacy safe if I contact you?
Absolutely. I work for myself and value my own privacy very highly, which means discretion, honesty, confidentiality and client satisfaction are the foundations of what I offer. If you're a professional gentleman looking to create an enjoyable moment together then you've found your perfect date. I use absolute discretion to protect you, and I ask that you return the gesture. During our time together should you find out any personal details regarding my life, please keep them secret: don't share these details online, in reviews, with other escorts, or with anyone else. Mutual discretion and respect are vital.
12May I extend our time together?
Yes, you can most certainly extend our time together. This is always fun and an unexpected treat for me. We can either stay in and continue our date in a private place or we can go out to a restaurant, bar or even a night club if this is what you fancy. I would gladly accept your offer providing I do not have another client and have to alter my plans with them. I will ask that additional fees must be paid upfront before we proceed.
I understand that obstacles arise at the most unfortunate moments. If you can no longer meet then it’s always appreciated if you can let me know at your earliest convenience. Please do your best to alert me 24 hours in advance. If less notice is given a cancellation fee of 20% is a thoughtful way of showing you consider my time to be valuable. Should I cancel on you with less than 24 hours notice, I am happy to extend our next date together at no expense to you as a good-will gesture, but please be assured I will make every effort to keep our date in all circumstances.
14Will you visit me at my hotel or home?
Yes, I will be happy to visit you at your hotel or come to your home. I live in London so travel throughout London, Kensington, Chelsea and Heathrow. Areas other than Central London will have a minimum booking time. I'm happy to travel outside London for slightly longer bookings so please enquire with plenty of notice. I would hate for you to miss out on a fun night with me.
15How do you verify people for outcall dates?
My screening methods are standard, straightforward, discreet and confidential. They may vary depending on our situation, however they usually consist of the name under which the hotel room is booked; your room number (or booking confirmation if you're not yet checked in); and your phone number. If I am to visit you at your private residence I would need proof of address in the form of a landline telephone number or a picture of a recent utility bill. This is for my own safety, so please have the information I need so I can confirm your booking. Then all you have to do is look forward to seeing me.
16Are your pictures accurate?
Yes, all these pictures were all taken in July 2016 so they are 100% accurate and are a true representation of me. I will update these on a regular basis.